Uromania 6

The ultimate pissing series at it again, gorgeous girls get pissed on! 100 Liter of natural ‘sparkling wine’, my friends! Nikki, Denise und Anita organise a pissorgy in a posh restaurant. Diana has so much pressure on her bladder that her jet could compete with any firemenГџs hose. Tina, 40, with big tits is a real dirty pig. First she wets her trousers, then one of her colleagues pisses on her, sticks all of his hand inside her wet hole and then fucks her ass till the hole dralls out. Susi, waitress with animalic monstertits drinks the ureter of her boss dry and pisses like a dog. The best Uromania Film.
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Uromania 5

Silvia and Benita are two really dirty sluts in Uromania 5. They piss in a bar and then get a nice mouthful from the waiter. Horny Nikki is fucked in the sauna then, to cool down her stud’s dick, she gives it a huge waterjet. Big-titted housewife Edith is a watersport fan. She gets fucked and drenched. Doris wets her knickers then is shagged by two guys. Perverts Natalie and Steffi piss on each other in the public swimming pool and swallow the warm liquid without even batting their eyelids. Cast: Benita Milano, Danielle, Dru Berrymore, Mandy Mistery, Natascha, Stefi S, Zara, Zara Lee.
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Uromania 4

Pretty Denise and her horny mother piss in a competition. Then they both get a common shower and a hard fuck from DeniseВґs boyfriend. During a house inspection, big titted estate agent Daniela goes in her knees and pisses like a pig. The owner takes advantage of this situation and splashes her T-shirt till her hard nipples come through, fucks her in different positions and shoots his cum to her tonsils. Tina gets a “ride” on the fire-engine and then pisses her lover into the face. Birgit, Eva and Denise are having a real pissorgy. You have never ever seen such a mess before. And there is still the dirty piglet Edith…
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Uromania 3

Gaby, alcoholic and drunk in the police department. The pig pisses everywhere. Theo, the serving officer rams his trunk into her ass, again and again. Also traffic warden Janine, while on duty gets her knickers wet. Her male collegues shag her, piss and spit on her. Exam party time in a female boarding school and alcohol is the reason why it gets out of hand. The chicks skirt and piss in a competition. Boozed up they get fucked in their firy asses. Petra loves toilette-sex. Hairy Diana, 40, drinks cum like other people milk.
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Uromania 2

Plenty of tinkle-tastic action here in Uromania 02 as these lusty Euro-sluts cool down after a vigorous fuck with a mouthful of golden bubbly! Out in the garden Benita Milano gives hubby a mouthful of abuse when she urinates in his face. With her fanny in full flow, hubby struggles to catch it all, before he pulls out his todger and directs a jet of his own across her fanny and into her mouth. When hubby’s mate arrives this babe gets absolutely drenched as two cocks hose her down in a scalding golden shower before the buxom tart takes a rough pussy pounding as the younger lad
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Uromania 1

A feast for all urine fans! Attention, this film is an absolute must for all who love
watersports and wet themselves. 6 extreme erotic stories about the finest pissing-games.
7 horny waterrats, who show their special desire free and easy. Sober or drunk, they
skirt anywhere and everyone. Some burp, fart and grunt like Вґpigs. Even assfucked they
can piss. Who loves piss…will be rewarded here…enjoy!
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