Z-factor – Shitmaster 10 – Ich kack fur dick
We start with Corasonn, who is in the bathroom wearning a red nighty. She spends several minutes stimulating herself, in front of the camera, taking her time, enjoying her own touch. She positions herself in the bathtub, holds a small glass to her crotch, then pisses into it. She pours the piss all over her body. She does this several times. Next, she takes a giant black rubber dildo, and with two hands, fucks her pussy with it. You get to see this from both the front and the back. As soon as she stops with the dildo, the camera gets in close, as she pushes out a huge brown turd. She smears the shit all over her legs, her boobs, and her ass. She bends over, takes the giant dildo, and fucks her shitty pussy with it.

In scene two, a couple are sitting next to each other reading. The guy contiually reaches over to touch his girlfriend. At first she objects, but after a few more tries, they begin making out. He lays her back, and starts eat her hairy pussy. She begins to piss, right there in his face. When she finally stops pissing, she sits upright in the chair. He stands over her, and pisses into her mouth. The guy then lays back in the chair, while the brunette climbs on top of his pole, and rides his cock. The change positions, with the brunette getting on her hands and knees, using the chair for support. The dude gets in behind her, and starts fucking her in her ass. He pulls our a bit, while brown shit starts to flow from her ass. He plows back into the messy hole, fucks some more, pulls out again, while more brown shit come from her butt. He takes some of the turds that fell to the floor, and smears the shit all over her chest and boobs. They wallow around in the shit and piss. The scene ends with the couple playing with a big black shitty dildo.
The final scene takes place outdoors, involving couples and neighbors. One of the women is tall and flat chested, with a hairy crotch. The other is dark haired, with hairy crotch. This scene is far from uneventful. It is packed with action. They waste no time getting filthy. The flat chested woman shit on her girlfriend. After some heavy smear action, The flat chested woman lays down on the grass, while one of the guys dumps a huge brown log on her face. She takes the pile of shit, molds it to her face. Yet another dude comes up, and shits on her as well. The two shit covered girlfriends smear the shit, while their guy friends watch and lightly participate.

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