Z-factor – Shitmaster 08 – Sei mein Klo

Cleaning is not the strength of Violeta and Christina, so they resort to unorthodox methods in order not to lose their jobs. They submit themselves totally transformed the boss of the two as a human toilet. Karina is full, eight beer that was too much. Laszlo Now comes the train and missed his bastard a hard fucking and a hot meal directly into the mouth. After a few beers is Karina willed. What would be sober is simply unthinkable just drunk horny. Tomorrow she knows anyway not where this taste in the mouth thinks is Lazlo and missed her under protest a dick in the anus. Then he craps the defenseless drunk warm in the drooling mouth. Violeta and Christina are not better off. When her boss caught the two sluts once again when he punished the lazy Hartz 4 recipients on its own dominant way with piles of shit.

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