Z-factor – Shitmaster 09 – Die Kack-Katze

In scene one, the lovely Latina Corasonn discovers a man sleeping in her bed. She begins performing oral sex on him, waking him up. He takes a piss in her mouth. He bends her over and roughly works on her pussy with 3 fingers. She climbs over the man’s face, and pisses in his mouth. While the man is lying on his back, Corasonn climbs up on his cock, turns away from him, and rides his fuck stick. He litterally fucks the shit out of her, because while she is riding his pole, she starts to shit! They smear some of the shit on his cock, and she licks it off. She licks shit from his fingers, and spits it back into his mouth.

In scene two, a young couple get freaky in the living room. After they kiss and undress, the brunette woman stands over the young stud and pisses on him. This excites him because he lifts his head off the floor, to eat her pussy. They move to a small sofa, where he massages her pussy with three fingers. The fingers move from the pussy to the ass, where a brown spots begins to form from fingering her shit packed hole. After pissing on her, the guy attempts to fist her pussy, getting much of his hand into her cave. From the sofa, the move to the floor again. The man lays flat on the floor as the brunette bends over him, and shits a big brown pile on his cock. She smears the messy pile of shit all over his dick, and then her chest. They go back to the sofa, rubbing their bodies together. They finish the scene with a lot of smearing, and rubbing, completely plastering themselves with shit.

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