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Extreme Rape

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Scato Slut Wife

Scato Slut Wife
If you are familiar with the scat scene you will know famous Ingrid – one of the most extreme, dirtiest scat stars right out of a depraved dream. In this film she pushes things to new extremes: two guys, one girl train their human toilet well. 80 minutes piss and scat as hard as it can get.
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Chris & Tima – Brown Orgies

Chris & Tima - Brown Orgies
When Chris and Tima first meet during the shooting of DIRTY DINNER, they imediately got along very well and there was a genuine attraction to each other. Now, several years later, both girls wanted to get together again and push the limits of the previous film even further. Two males are joining the extreme shit and piss adventures and the two scat queens proof once again that their extreme reputation is well deserved. A perverted brown orgy as only Chris and Tima can indluge in.
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